Care Guide

Here we share tips and help on how to make your favorite shoes last longer by cleaning and maintaining them:


To clean leather it’s important that your shoes are dry to successfully remove any dirt or dust. You can use a damped cloth to remove any persisting dirt. Then proceed to use a leather cream to restore its original appearance. Make sure to use a waterproof spray to protect your shoes from moisture.


To clean suede materials from dirt or stains gently use a suede brush or stone. We always recommend using water protecting spray to protect your shoes from moisture.


We do not recommend running our textile shoes in the washing machine, they may not last too long then. Make sure to brush off excess dirt and use a cleansing solution designed for textile materials to remove ant stains or dirt. Dry your shoes and the spray with waterproof spray to protect from moisture.


It’s important to aerate wool materials to keep them in their original condition and not wash too often. When cleaning it’s important to use wool detergent and gently hand-wash any stains. Carefully rinse off any detergent residue with cold water and let air dry.

Salty satins

Try to wipe off as much salt residue as possible with a damp cloth. Combine equal parts of vinegar and water in a bowl and wipe off the stains on your shoes. Make sure to use polish or spray afterwards.

Bad smell

Make sure to consistently change socks and shoes when your shoes tend to smell due to foot sweat. Use odor sprays or blocks to remove excess moisture and odor.


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